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10 Ways to Prepare for an Audit

In order to guarantee that the information your firm provides is correct and compliant, it is imperative that you prepare for an audit. Ten tips to get ready for an audit are as follows: 1) Understand the Audit Scope Clearly specify the audit scope to know which areas or procedures need to be looked at.…

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7 Biggest Investing Pitfalls For Beginners

In the last few years since the pandemic hit a new wave of investors have emerged and are giving the market a shot. A Charles Schwab study in 2021 found that 15% of all U.S. stock market investors got their start in 2020. As the market dipped and stocks became cheaper to buy the pandemic…

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The Ethics Of Financial Reporting Conflicts And Resolutions

In today’s blog, we will discuss the ethics around financial reporting its conflicts and their resolutions.  – Ethics has a significant role in the reporting of financial statements as statements are required to give a true and fair view of the state of the company at a certain period, for this to hold true requires…

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Internal Audit vs External Audit

In today’s blog, we are going to be discussing the key differences between internal and external audits. For this, we will be looking at them individually and highlighting the importance of both in businesses. Internal audit An internal audit is part of an organisation that will look at risk management and corporate governance procedures. It…

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What is a Fraud Audit and when do you need one?

A fraud audit is an examination of a companies’ financial information and internal controls that are in place to help prevent fraudulent activities. The goal of a fraud audit is to further assess the risk of fraud within a company and to put measures in place to detect fraudulent activities. This is not a traditional…

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The Future of Accounting: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency In the world of accounting

All the technological advances are changing the way financial transactions are managed and accounting records are maintained. One of the most important developments in recent years is the increasing adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in accounting. – These technologies promise to revolutionize the financial industry and accounting consulting, improving security, transparency, and efficiency in the…

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Financial Accounting vs. Management Accounting

Although financial accounting and management accounting have their differences, the underlying objective remains. To meet the information needs of the user. Financial accounting is generally used by external users whereas management accounting is generally used inside the organisation. There are several factors which differ between the two and these factors will be set out below.…

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Navigating Business Sales: The Crucial Role of Working Capital Adjustments

In the intricate process of selling and buying businesses, the finalisation of the sale price is a meticulous process that involves considerations beyond the surface-level cash exchange. Among the key factors in this complex financial transaction are working capital adjustments. In this blog, we will explore the nuances of working capital adjustments and their significance…

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Decoding Heads of Terms (HOT) and Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA)

In the dynamic world of business transactions, the sales process stands as a structured framework, guiding professionals through a series of strategic stages to achieve successful deals. The key steps in the sale of the business are set out below.  Information Release Phase Teaser Document: The opening notes of the sales process are often set…

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