Client Testimonials – Us By You

We enjoy working with our clients; they keep us motivated and inspired, the challenges are exciting and the delight of successes is shared. Their loyalty is incredible; many clients have been with us since we opened our doors. We seek and receive continuous feedback – we listen intently, always looking for ways to improve. Some of the feedback is set out below. We have not included the client’s full name, but we have included their initials. Here’s what they said about us ………….. We are very grateful.

“I wanted to write to you rather than email because I wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you for all your efforts over the past number of years on behalf of my family’s and I.  As you know I completed my dealings with “the bank” earlier this year and with your great help a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders. Once again thank you for all your help from both my family and I.” – Comment from AM

“Tony, it is always a good experience dealing with your team, you’ve created a very strong culture.” Comment from DD

“Couldn’t really begin to thank you and your team enough. Thank you for staying the course, I’ll never forget it.” Comment from POB

“Thank you for all your advice.  However most of all thank you for your humanity and great attitude to life.  Kindest Regards” Comment from RH

“I know they won’t let me down, and I know that referring them would strengthen my standing with any colleague or friend.” Comment from confidential research

“Just a note to say thank you for everything you did for us over the years with “the bank”.  Those were very stressful times but thankfully we have come through it and can now make plans and move forward without the noose placed around our necks with “the bank”. It really was great to have your support which helped to give us “street cred” with the bank so much. Many thanks again.” Comment from SS

“Thank you for all of your support, insight and wisdom during 2018.  You are a special professional.” Comment from DM

“Just a short note to let you know that I really appreciate your help and the time you have given me in dealing with “the bank”. ” Comment from RS

“Best advice is too important. Pay Cooney Carey well and receive best advice in return.” Comment from confidential research

“We as a family appreciated you taking the time out to meet us.  I liked your honesty and very valuable insight.  We now know with clarity the path we need to follow.  Please thank your very nice friendly receptionist we met on arrival. We are only small but you did not make us feel less valuable.” Comment from EC

“Many thanks for all your efforts in assisting us with finding a house.  You went over and beyond what was expected and we are very grateful for your efforts. ” Comment from RC

“Thanks to you for dropping everything to come to our aid yesterday.  We had lost the race yesterday and now we have been allowed back on the filed due to your efforts. I appreciate your help getting this far and hopefully to resolution.  You achieved something yesterday that I do not believe could have been pulled off by anyone else in this town so please accept my thanks.” Comment from AM

“Many thanks for all your help, guidance and encouragement over the years.  Your genuine interest and concern goes way beyond the normal professional relationship and is greatly appreciated.”  Comment from BB

“Expensive but worth it.”  Comment from confidential research

“ Thank you most sincerely for all your help and guidance in securing this settlement.  Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all the staff members who were involved down the years. I fully appreciate your efforts. It’s been a long road.  I would be happy to recommend Cooney Carey to any prospective clients. Thank you and your staff for a friendly, yet extremely professional service.” Comment from ER

“Thank you so much for all your help and the wonderful things you’ve done for myself and my wife over the years. We appreciate it very much.” Comment from AK

“I am very grateful to you for your wisdom and advice!” Comment from MK

“You/your firm have been very proactive and supportive during this time.  Well done/keep it up.  And thank you!” Comment from DH

“Great experience with both the Corporate Finance as well as the Audit team and more recently very impressed with Mary and the Co/Sec and Payroll services.” Comment from confidential research

“Your team are doing an excellent job, as ever.  Any of my Tax or accounting related queries have been dealt with professionally and in a helpful manner. I’ve dealt with Gillian and Eamonn on a number of matters and thanks to each of them. And to Aine of course, who is most understanding in her role.” Comment from DH

“Take it as given that you’re always on top of things.” Comment from MP

“We have found support from the team in Cooney Carey to be great and in particular from Gordon Hayden. We have had plenty going on and despite the challenges and pressure everyone is under, Gordon has been proactive and responsive to your needs. He is a credit to the firm.” Comment from BR

“Recommending – high level of expertise, strategic viewpoint, technical excellence.” Comment from confidential research

“Your service is excellent and professional. We are both satisfied with your service.” Comment from JC

“It is very reassuring for me to be able to call on Gerry for awkward tax issues.” Comment from JF

“The team have been fantastic – just the right amount of info being sent through. Can’t think of any improvements to the service – it is top class. Tony and as you know, praise from me is rare & well earned!! Much appreciated” Comment from CH

“Professional, knowledgeable, capable, confidence inspiring.” Comment from confidential research

“Without doubt you and the entire team at Cooney Carey have succeeded in your goals both in the past and now and I am confident that you will continue with your excellent work and advice long into the future. At all times I have been able to contact Eamonn who gives me prompt excellent guidance and recommendations, Gerry for his knowledge and understanding Richard is a good guy but don’t tell him I said that. To you and all your team Tony keep up the great work and advice we need it.” Comment from JC

“It’s always a pleasure ringing Cooney Carey as you are always so friendly and nice” Comment from DT

“Not cheapest, but very competent in their areas of expertise.” Comment from confidential research

“I think you guys are great! That sums it up. I am a small business and you have been my only accountant for 15 years.” Comment from VM

“I have always found your excellent staff to be most helpful and understanding in my dealings with them and as they say in these parts “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree”.” Comment from MF

“You have been a great help to me over these last few years! Thanking you again!” Comment from RR

“The team in Cooney Carey have succeeded and been very efficient, friendly and effective in all manner of works carried out for us here which is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work and thanks for taking care of our needs.” Comment from GK

“I can’t speak highly enough of the Cooney Carey team that work on our matters – Will, Eamonn, Des and the broader team are always available to us. They are very approachable and have consistently helped us to resolve any matters that may arise in a diligent and professional manner. I look forward to a continued strong relationship into the future.” Comment from AD

“We have been brilliantly looked after by both Gordon and Gillian”  Comment from DM

“I am confident that you and the team are always there for us if we were to need support. We are very grateful for having your team in the background.” Comment from RB

“From the outset, you have been enthusiastic and supportive, and I’ve been bowled over by your encouragement. As I mentioned to you a few months ago, we’ve always enjoyed and valued our dealings with Gerry, Eamonn and the team. We’re delighted to be deepening our business relationship. Simply put – we couldn’t be happier with the service we get from Cooney Carey. Eamonn Madden is our touchstone for all matters financial and tax, and he has been both swift and generous with his responses to a myriad of different questions. My dealings with Gerry, Richard – and most especially yourself – have been equally warm and fruitful. I am fully aware that our business is small potatoes to a firm like Cooney Carey. I’m also conscious of how little you charge us for your team’s time and expertise. It’s nice to know that we don’t have to worry about tax or accounting. You mention, in your letter, how important it is to invest in client-relationships. You’ve certainly fulfilled that promise. Our warmest regards to you, your family and your team. We hope your business continues to thrive.” Comment from NF

“Your team have been terrific, and I look forward to a long and profitable relationship for years to come. Your team conducted their business in a very professional manner throughout. They kept us informed of legislation changes, government programmes, and regulatory relaxations during this year — and it was very helpful, and I actually looked forward to receiving the occasional message from them. But then they went beyond their professional role and demonstrated helpful concern for me as patient, and the health of our business. I have had several check-in calls with Paul Leonard and Lisa Byrne regarding the business and the changes we want to make. They became an extension of my team. Their advice has buoyed us, and I am personally grateful for the contacts. I am grateful to you and your team for all of their support; professional, person, emotional. It all makes a difference.” Comment from MS

“Nothing but good experiences from CC. Your emails are very well communicated and it is very obvious that you are there to assist. Nothing more you could have done. Also, chats like last week are invaluable. Thanks for everything.” Comment from BR

“I feel, having dealt with Cooney Carey for nearly 10 years that every person, from the minute I enter the office are so helpful and professional and I always feel my business, even though it is small, is just as important to them as any other business. I really don’t think they can improve.” Comment from confidential research

“I would rate the communications from Cooney Carey over the past 9 months as thoughtful, helpful, emphatic and always the best advice and guidance. It is a pleasure to be connected with your good self professionally and personally.” Comment from TJ

“We have been very well supported by both you and your colleagues.” Comment from RR

“ Your services have been top notch and very consistent. I am very pleased with that and indeed with the very good relation I have with Paul, Lisa, Gerry and Eamonn. Much appreciated your ability to keep everything together at both ends, your company and your clients. On the long run this should have a good effect on your business if all your clients will appreciate your robust position during hard times.” Comment from DD

“We really appreciate all the work you do for us each year. Your staff have always served us brilliantly throughout the years and this year has been no different. The work has been completed efficiently and promptly.” Comment from MG

“Cooney Carey has understood the problem as presented and adopted an innovative and practical solution rather than a by-the- book approach.” Comment from confidential research

“We appreciate the sound and very insightful help to us particularly now but also over the years. So yes, from our perspective you have achieved your goal.” Comment from MD

“Gerry has only improved overtime, always prepared to go the extra mile. I congratulate you on your team and as a proof of my satisfaction I have introduced clients.” Comment from TS

“I am very happy with the level of service received from you and all of your team. Any queries or questions that I have are answered in a timely and efficient manner which helps in the decision making process. The level of information received has been very informative and at just the right level, you don’t bombard me with a lot of useless information as other organisations do.” Comment from KB

“I am very grateful to you for your consistent support and contact, and for keeping me up to date with Irish and International matters of importance. My wife and I are still benefitting from the delicate negotiations you skillfully and successfully carried out for us with “the bank” Comment from KD

“Tony you do provide a first class service.” Comment from MC

“ You’re always there to help Tony when required and I can definitely vouch for you doing the work whatever is necessary and whenever necessary, particularly when you’re supposed to be on vacation!” Comment from MP

“From my point of view, you and your company have been fantastic for us and our company each and everyone of you have been there for us. I think I can speak on behalf of all my brothers to say we are glad to be involved with your company I look forward to many years ahead. Thank you to all of your team.” Comment from JB

“Really happy we have Cooney Carey as both auditor, but valued advisor. We have complete faith in them and they have always done their best for us. We feel like we get a full and committed response every time we contact them. Can’t recommend them highly enough.” Comment from confidential research

“You guys have been and continue to be amazing as ever. Keep on doing what you’re doing Tony, your staff are all great and your firm is definitely our favourite to do business with.” Comment from GT

“Thank you so much for all your hep with my tax return. Your cover letter of explanation was exceptionally clear for me to understand and much appreciated, so thank you very much” Comment from PD

“That was a really super idea yesterday which really helped us Des so thank you very much. Greatly appreciate your ingenuity.” Comment from MF

“Cooney Carey has developed and understanding of the subtleties of the situation and responded accordingly.” Comment from confidential research

“I would like to say thank you Niamh for all your help and patience during the audit, it was a pleasure working with you and Des on the audit.” Comment from EM

“Extremely professional without compromising on the human touch.” Comment from confidential research

“Thank you most sincerely for all your help and guidance in securing this settlement. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all the staff members who were involved down the years. I fully appreciate your efforts. Its been a long road. I would be happy to recommend Cooney Carey to any prospective clients. Thank you and your staff for a friendly, yet extremely professional service.” Comment from ER

“Since beginning working with Will in 2019 I have only good things to say about him and Cooney Carey as a whole” Comment from LF

“Just to also say a big thanks to Eamonn for his kind, prompt and efficient assistance; we got the house and get the keys on Friday, so much appreciated.” Comment from BD

“Congratulations on putting together such a splendid team.” Comment from TS

“Cooney Carey provide our charity with almost pro-bono auditing services and we are most grateful and appreciate their generous support to our work.” Comment from confidential research

“Thank you very much to you and the Cooney Carey team for your pragmatic approach which ensured that we were able to stick with the mid-year deadlines. The process was much smoother than the one with our last auditors. It is good to see that we did the right thing when assigning the audits to Cooney Carey” Comment from CB

“Paul Leonard has been an absolute gem and looks after me. I am so very grateful.” Comment from VM

“Just wanted to confirm that the deal closed this evening. Gordon, your advise, particularly over the last few days, was always on point and much appreciated.  We think, and hope, that the deal makes sense.  We went into it with our eyes wide open, and for that we owe you gratitude.” Comment from BM

“I would and do highly recommend Cooney Carey. Great company to deal with and services and advice flawless.” Comment from confidential research

“I interacted with Grace from your office on an audit query and she represented CC really well!  Can’t be said for all auditors I’m afraid.” Comment from RN

“Thank you for taking your time to meet with us and answer our additional questions in a very clear and understandable way.  We would like to move forward and work with you as we set up our operations in Ireland. ” Comment from YF

“Thanks Tony, you have a good team around you, always very helpful to deal with.” Comment from FR

“I deal mostly with Eamonn Madden as you know Tony, he is one sound fella, I have great time for him, he is very efficient, very helpful and on top of his game, and when you have good men like Eamonn on board Tony the foundation and corner stones of your company are rock solid” Comment from DG

“Thanks very much for all the hard work from your team in Cooney Carey plus the relationship we have build up over the years it is very much appreciated” Comment from GC

“It is a real pleasure to say a heartfelt “thank you” to you and your great team.” Comment from NL

“We are working more closely together and using more of their services, as our CEO and Board develop increased confidence in the firm.” Comment from confidential research

“Nothing would have happened for me this year without Cooney Carey team expertise and guidance. I really enjoyed the journey, both the experience and the learning.  It’s comforting for me, as I head out to develop the business, to know that I have you guys in my corner.” Comment from VG

“Thank you again to Eamon and everyone for a prompt and efficient service.” Comment from BD

“Very helpful and supportive and patient when I had cash flow difficulties!” “Very pleased with the professional outside views and practical assessment.” Comment from confidential research

“Particular thanks to both Paul & Gerry for guiding us through the shareholders agreements & the buy-back process – greatly appreciated.” Comment from DT

“Always a great service from the Cooney Carey team – they couldn’t be better. ” Comment from CH

“Because they have handled my business very well, I would be confident to recommend it to a friend or colleague.” Comment from confidential research

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and everyone in your organisation that have been such a support to Kyrie Therapeutic Farm CLG over the last 12 months.  It really has made an immense difference to us.” Comment from JK

“Thank you and Mary for an excellent and professional presentation today, we were very impressed so thanks again very much appreciated. Keep the good work up.” Comment from AK

“We never regretted switching to Cooney Carey a year ago as the audit process is much smoother and more pragmatic.” Comment from CB

“Professional service. Being associated with Cooney Carey adds to the confidence our stakeholders have in our operations.” Comment from confidential research

“I am delighted to be working with your team.  Highly Professional and nice people too.” Comment from DD

“Thank you so much for your time today. You very quickly understood the position, your advice was really clear and has put me at ease 😊. I will make sure to recommend your firm as the opportunity arises.” Comment from MK

“Thank you for the conversation which I enjoyed. As I said your Firm has a great reputation and it is evident from our conversation that you have instilled an ethos of professionalism and a strong focus on collegiality.” Comment from RG

“I would like to say that Cooney Carey were a pleasure to deal with, always accommodating and never any issues.” Comment from JP

“I have been dealing with Cooney Carey for just over two years and at this stage I understand their approach better and I think they understand mine.” Comment from confidential research

“Hi Tony, your ad rem (pertinent, direct, to the point, without digression) approach is always educational and appreciated.  Thanks for your time and hopefully see you soon.” Comment from NM

“Thank you for being so attentive and patient while carrying out this audit. It did not go exactly to plan and there was a lot of back and forth, so I very much appreciate your help in getting it finalised.” Comment from EM

“We’re delighted to have the Cooney Carey team on our side!” Comment from NOF

“Negotiation amounts are large and Cooney Carey have not charged too much so far for the service.” Comment from confidential research

“You and your staff’s work makes my life so much easier.  I appreciate that you keep my financials sorted.  Wasn’t I wise to engage Cooney Carey in the first place!” Comment from FR

“As I always say you have a good crew and run a good show.” Comment from DG

“Once again I can say that I am very satisfied with the high standard and professionalism of everyone that I have dealt with at your organisation. I will not hesitate to contact you if I require additional assistance.” Comment from MD

“Thank you for your email and for checking in with me. Here is some feedback on the process and fees from my perspective: – Having an expert, that regularly deals with sales of businesses is an absolute must. – Access to working with you and your team has been invaluable. – I would not have been able to get the deal I have or even portray the business in the same way, without working with you – I have found all of your colleagues to follow your lead in terms of professionalism, kindness and an ability to explain things in a simple way On a personal note, I have felt guarded from more difficult conversations about things I don’t fully understand by having you doing the negotiating. You did this in a way that I did not feel patronised or lacking of and this is a real skill of yours. My experience with you and your colleagues has been an extremely positive one and for that I am really grateful. In short, I am really grateful to you stay. This deal going through will change the course of my life and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your guidance and kindness.”  Comment from AN

“Hi Tony, offer in full and final settlement. Fantastic result. Absolutely made up Tony. Delighted with the result and thank you so much for all your help.” Comment from JC

“Thank you for this.  We appreciate all the work done, the valuable advice given, and the very fair fee. I have paid this in full today.” Comment from NOF

“I’m using Cooney Carey for years because I feel my accounts are well handled, staff are all thorough and professional, as well as pleasant. So I have a true picture of my business without any anxiety.” Comment from confidential research

“Genuinely Tony it’s the best money spent since this project commenced. I will be highly recommending you when this is done.” Comment from KD

“I wanted to acknowledge how important you have been in my life and let you know the sale of the business has impacted me and my loved ones; None of this would have been possible without your help, guidance and negotiating.  Thank you for being so kind to me and for making all of this possible. I have learned so much from your already.” Comment from AN

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else. 100% trust the team, thank you so much.” Comment from KG

“We are delighted to have you and your great team looking after our needs.  Thank you for your help, support and guidance over the many years.  Looking forward to many more years working successfully together.” Comment from BF

“I think it’s important to acknowledge good people who go above and beyond for clients.  I met with Niamh this morning in your office (introduced by Will), and Niamh was brilliant.  Niamh was very helpful, explained everything clearly and gave me loads of her time.  It is very much appreciated.” Comment from PW

“We would recommend them on the basis of their professionalism, technical knowledge and efficiency. Our experience is also that they try to understand the client’s business to see where they can help.” Comment from confidential research

Reasons for recommending Cooney Carey

Suggest improvement? Difficult to see. There is a strong emphasis on quality of ability of all staff and service throughout the organisation which are the key attributes to running any business. Sadly, too many companies have lost this and wonder why they struggle. Cooney Carey most definitely excel in the above.
Cooney Carey has always looked after my financial affairs well, so happy to recommend them to friends and colleagues who would appreciate good advice.
The firm have an excellent team of professionals who have the capabilities to provide proper advice for most client situations that require financial accounting expertise.
Innovation, honesty and top class advice.
I would recommend Cooney Carey as I feel they have a wealth of experience and knowledge.
Approachable attentive professional team.
The quality of the people.

Why Choose
Cooney Carey

Why Choose
Cooney Carey

Key points identified in research (2017 v 2013 results)

Are clients satisfied with the quality of their relationship with Cooney Carey?

2013: 93% 2017: 97%

Overall satisfaction has increased to 97%, with the remaining 3% “meets expectation”.

Does Cooney Carey provide value for money?

YES: 93%

How trusting would you be in Cooney Carey guiding you in making critical decisions?

2013: 98% 2017: 99%

Trust is high – this is the key metric held within Cooney Carey

Tenure of Cooney Carey shows strong client retention and new business development.

Use of specialist services such as negotiation, restructuring and modelling are up

Quality and Ability are the top issues for clients – closely followed by Understand, “Can Do” and Responsiveness. Cooney Carey scored In the late 90% for each.

Cooney Carey’s performance has produced very high marks in the key areas.

Staff have scored very highly – with a 100% mark for Integrity and high 90%s in the top criteria. All marks are 80% and over.

Cooney Carey’s impact of work on client’s business at 89% is very strong with the remaining 11% meeting expectation.

Overall Satisfaction rating stands at virtually 100%.

Recommendation and reputation have grown as the key drivers in choosing Cooney Carey as advisor.

Really strong advocacy for Cooney Carey at 96%.

Strong and increasing likelihood to choose Cooney Carey again is close to 100%.

Confidence amongst Cooney Carey clients in general is up also in 2017. Clients claim more buoyant expectations in terms of turnover, profits, employee numbers and margin for the year ahead than in 2013.