What We Do.

What We Do.

Helping you make the best strategic decisions.

Running a great business relies on being able to make well-informed strategic decisions. Cooney Carey will help you to make those decisions through close consultation and a partnership that is built on trust and transparency. We advise some of Ireland’s most successful companies and have helped them to grow their businesses into smarter, leaner, more profitable organisations.

Banking and Funding

By getting to really know you and your business, together with our ability to project over various scenarios, we can work out your optimum funding needs. Our expertise and contacts within lending institutions helps us negotiate the best terms commensurate with security and cash flow.

Financial Modelling

Financial modelling enables our clients make better decisions using data that is accessible and easy to understand. We devise unique and sometimes complex models that can be quickly populated to consider financial positions over various scenarios.

Grants and Incentives

We are experts in the various government grants and incentives and regularly help our clients identify and secure them.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals

These often time-consuming financial transactions need specialised knowledge, wisdom and experience to make them successful. That’s where we come in: through in-depth reviews of the financial structure and tax profile of an enterprise we can recommend and execute efficient and well-structured deals, whether you are buying or selling.

Company Valuations

Our expert advice ensures value is carefully and professionally measured, whether it’s for a management buy-out, a shareholder dispute, probate calculation or divorce proceedings involving a company owner.

Recovery and Restructuring

Financial difficulties can arise at any time. It is critical to get the best advice as quickly as possible to deal with these difficulties in an orderly fashion. Cooney Carey excels at examining businesses and ascertaining the key factors essential to their success. We design and implement plans that enable your business to deal with its difficulties and get it back on a sound footing. We are regular advisors to banks to enable them review a position and find appropriate solutions.

Corporate Financial Reviews and Investigations

Our ability to ascertain the facts quickly and present them with absolute clarity is where Cooney Carey really excel. We have completed reviews with associated debt in the region of €30 billion for banks and for clients and have been involved in some of the highest profile cases in the country, including the discovery of one of the largest corporate fraud cases in the history of the state.

Due Diligence

Whether it is investigating target companies on behalf of clients acquiring, or assisting our clients whose own businesses are being acquired, Cooney Carey has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you are aware of the key facts and figures before you make your decision. We are experienced in working with legal teams, ensuring share purchase agreements are correct and that all queries are addressed.

Negotiation Management

Cooney Carey has extensive ability in management of successful negotiations. Our head of advisory has received formal education from Harvard University to add to our vast experience in the area. We have negotiated sales, acquisitions, debt management positions, trade contracts, settlement of disputes and many more areas over the years.


We understand what your organisation needs to make complex and difficult decisions, including resolutions on capital expenditure, investment, cessation of trading, project evaluation and other areas. With clarity and excellent judgement, we will help guide you to the best decisions for your business.

Project Management

Cooney Carey has exceptional expertise in financial project planning, management and implementation. Our ability to form relationships and liaise across business teams and stakeholders creates a seamless experience for our clients.

Change Management

If you need to protect or grow your business in a way that requires internal change, Cooney Carey is here to help. We identify the essential changes that are required and will advise you how to implement them, guiding you through the whole process with a clear eye on ensuring you get the desired outcomes.

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Paul Henry Tony Carey

Family Law Case Management

Whether it’s separation, divorce or a maintenance case, we help our clients by finding a long-lasting solution. We bring clarity and non-judgemental advice that helps to reduce the emotional tension that can occur in these often difficult cases. Our knowledge and experience in this area means we are highly regarded by legal advisors and judges, and are also experienced in giving evidence in court and being cross-examined.


(Paul Leonard / Lisa Byrne)

Personal Forensic Investigations, Personal Injury and Fraud Cases

With deep knowledge of, and experience in, auditing, personal forensic accounting, taxation, company law and banking, Cooney Carey delivers sharp, focused investigations. Our specialised skills help us identify undeclared assets and income and our reputation means we are sought-after advisors to the legal profession.

As expert forensic witnesses we can face cross-examination with confidence and authority, presenting the facts clearly and helping to disassemble opposing arguments.


(Paul Leonard / Lisa Byrne)