Richard Murphy

Director of Working Capital & Systems

The Straight Bat to build trust

Richard has 40 years experience in the retail banking sector.   Under his stewardship, a flagship Dublin branch of one of the country’s largest retail banks quadrupled its size and profit in under 10 years. Richard’s strong leadership skills and his ability to form genuine relationships helped him achieve this impressive growth.

Within Cooney Carey, the firm draws on Richard’s breadth of skills in business development, financial packaging, management of cash, people-management, relationship management and negotiating. 

Since joining the firm, Richard's specialist areas are;

Minimise investment in working capital by way of minimising debtor and work in progress and maximising cash balances|Control and improve procedures leading to "cash efficiency"

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In conversation with…

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“It’s been a while since I used this bat competitively, but bowl me one and let’s see what I can deliver!”

Favourite expression?
“Life is short, let’s meet up soon!”
The Movie of Your Life – who’d play you?
His uncle, the Irish-American actor Dan O’Herlihy (if he was still alive).
Where you’ll never see Richard?
At the opera
World Leader for a Day – what would you do?
Introduce accountability in government and business across all spectrums.
Happy Place?
At home - after 40 years working in business, spending time at home (with the phone turned off) is bliss!
Desert Island Disc(s)?
Richard Harris’ haunting version of “McArthur Park” – without a doubt!
That Thing You’d Save in a Fire?
Has to be the iPad
Richard IRL (In Real Life)
After a fairly respectable innings playing cricket and hockey, Richard’s game of choice in recent years has been golf.  Alongside a spot of gardening and watching sport on TV, Richard gets huge pleasure from meeting with friends (and clients) and having a relaxed lunch with no deadline – just good food, good wine and stimulating conversation, of course!