eamonn madden

Taxation Director
(B.Comm. AITI)

The Golfer with the steady hand 

Having joined Cooney  Carey in 2006, Eamonn is now Taxation Director, a position that involves managing the tax affairs of the firm’s personal clients, including high net worth individuals. His remit also includes managing the corporation tax of the firm’s corporate clients, which include large retail groups, renewable energy companies and property companies.

Eamonn assists the firm’s tax partners in the areas of RCT, retirement planning and VAT planning and has also gained extensive experience in the area of Revenue audits.

Eamonn's specialist areas include;

Tax returns

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In conversation with…

2017-09-05 00.25.10.jpg

“Me and my trusty pitching wedge - a rare sight since the arrival of my son!”

 Favourite expression
“Don’t worry about the past – you can only change the future”
The Movie of Your Life – who’d play you?
Colm Meaney (the way he was in “The Snapper”)
Where you’ll never see Eamonn?
White Hart Lane obviously, given my total commitment to Arsenal FC
World Leader for a Day – what would you do?
Bring in a blanket-ban on celebrities using Twitter
Happy Place?
Achill Island – a magical place for a summer holiday – and I don’t care about the weather, I just enjoy the slow, relaxed pace of life there.
Desert Island Disc(s)?
U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” powerful song, moving lyrics, and I’ve travelled all over the place to hear them play it!
That Thing You’d Save in a Fire?
My signed Arsenal jersey (of course)
Eamonn IRL (In Real Life)
With tongue firmly in cheek, Eamonn admits that golf is a good excuse to disappear for 4 hours every so often, but since the birth of his son, his outings have been curtailed. But he still gets out for a walk ‘round  Glendalough with wife Evie and baby (in a sling) carried by Eamonn, because “Evie carried him around long enough” (nice one Eamonn!)