Colin O'Brien

Corporate Finance Director
(BBS (Hons), ACA)

The Tackler will take on anything

Colin trained with Cooney Carey, then after leaving the firm to explore other business areas, Colin re-joined the team in early 2017, bringing with him extensive experience gained across a number of sectors including renewable energy, manufacturing, information technology and construction.

Colin prides himself on working hard and delivering results on all assignments undertaken.  He enjoys working with people who are passionate about what they do, and is always eager to take on new challenges and find solutions to any problems that face his clients.

Colin’s specialist areas include:

Corporate Financial Reviews|Large scale Grant Applications|Internal Control investigations|Financial Modelling and Financial Reporting

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In conversation with…

2017-09-04 23.36.42-2.jpg

For a mood-lift, it’s hard to beat a blast of Ludovico Einaudi or a run around the soccer pitch, maybe both”

Favourite expression
“Every day’s a school-day”
The Movie of Your Life – who’d play you?
Any actor, as long as Morgan Freeman is available to do the narration.
Where you’ll never see Colin?
Camping at a music festival.  Actually, make that any camping, ever.
Happy Place?
Applying order to chaos - let me loose in an untidy room and I’m in my element.
Desert Island Disc(s)?
“Nuvole Bianche” by Ludovico Einaudi (in the car, on headphones, anywhere)
That Thing You’d Save in a Fire?
My cufflinks collection
Colin IRL (In Real Life)
When he’s not working to ensure his clients can sleep worry-free, Colin can be found outdoors twice a week in all weathers, playing 5-a-side soccer (not life or death – it’s more important than that, as someone once said).  Otherwise, he’ll be at home or socialising with friends.  He also admits to dreams of winning the lotto.