Whether you need help with a family law issue or require mediation, we’re here to help. We are experienced in analysing and evaluating personal finances, presenting and validating information, along with listening and recommending mutually satisfactory solutions. Our specialist personal services include;

Family Law

If one of our clients is involved in a separation, divorce or maintenance case, we can help by working with all parties to find a long-lasting solution. We offer non-judgemental advice and can bring a clarity that helps reduce emotional tension for our client. We deliver concise reports that are well-received by legal advisors and judges, and are also experienced in giving evidence in court and being cross-examined.

Paul Leonard

Independent Mediation

We offer mediation services by way of our qualified accredited mediators. We work with both parties to help them set out their goals and identify areas of common interest. We are skilled in using resolution techniques to achieve wise, long-standing solutions.

Paul Leonard