More and more companies are outsourcing payroll, given the pressures on this function to keep costs down, while also complying with constantly evolving rules and regulations. At Cooney Carey, we have extensive experience in providing payroll services. We’re also adept at dealing with termination payments and redundancy situations, and can guarantee the security and confidentiality of sensitive payroll information. Our payroll team, led by Mary Flanagan, offers a wide range of services, including;

Payroll services

Payroll administration requires a high degree of knowledge of both employment taxation and employment law obligations. Our bespoke payroll service is tailored to our clients’ needs and ensures compliance with Revenue obligations.

Executive Payroll Solutions

We provide clients with precise, tailored payroll services for their senior executives and board members. Discretion, confidentiality and trust are fundamental aspects of these services.

Employment Tax

We help our clients to handle the tax aspects of employment termination, including statutory redundancies and other termination payments.

Payroll Systems

We carry out specialist reviews of client payroll systems to assess their compliance with agreed company procedures and Revenue rules. We compile our findings in a comprehensive report and present it to our clients for review.

Key Employee Retention

Along with our tax experts, we help and advise our clients on the implementation of share arrangements for key employees, with the intention of ensuring they continue to work for our clients.

For all of the above Payroll services, talk to Mary Flanagan