It is critical nowadays for companies to have proper corporate governance in place and to comply fully with company law. Our thorough understanding of corporate compliance obligations and corporate governance systems means we excel at helping our clients in this complex area. Whether you‘re setting up a company or need support with ongoing reporting and compliance obligations, talk to us. Our company secretarial team led by Mary Flanagan, offers services in a wide range of areas, including;

Corporate Restructuring

We use our company secretarial expertise to work with clients on issues including;

  • Restructuring of corporate groups
  • Creation of new share classes and the associated rights
  • Transfer of shares between parties and related issues
  • Stamp duty reliefs on share restructuring and options for share redemption
  • Implementation of group structures using ‘golden shares’

When necessary, we liaise with our in-house tax experts on to ensure our clients are availing of all relevant available corporate and personal tax reliefs.

Corporate Governance

We advise on how the board of directors should operate, how directors’ and members’ meetings should run, and the roles and duties of directors as officers of the company. We help clients when directors are joining or leaving their boards, along with advising on any other corporate governance issues that arise.

Company Formation

We work on all types of company formations, from new start-ups to restructuring existing client operations. Our services include registering business names for clients and registering branches of foreign companies. We also advise clients on the legal disclosure requirements for their websites and company stationery. 

Unlimited Corporate Structures

We advise clients on their options regarding publishing their trading information. This can include putting in place structures around their existing operations such as unlimited entities, which may give them greater options when publicly filing accounting information.

Specialist Reviews of Corporate Records

We carry out specialist reviews of corporate records to ensure the information they contain is complete and consistent. This is an essential part of preparing a company for a planned due diligence process.

New Investors

We advise on the implementation and allocation of new shareholdings to investors. When appropriate, we work with our tax experts on the provision of tax reliefs such as the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) to new company investors.

For all of the above Company Secretarial services, talk to Mary Flanagan