In a word, it’s all about Partnership – in good times and bad. For us, real partnership is about loyalty and investing in our client-relationships. It’s about working into the night if necessary, to meet a client’s deadline. It’s also about being there for our clients in difficult times, helping them turn things around.

As one of Ireland’s leading professional services firms, it’s a given that our highly qualified partners and management team will deliver Audit, Company Secretarial and Taxation Compliance Services, plus expert financial advice, smart solutions and knowledge-based guidance to all our clients.

The Cooney Carey difference is how we deliver those services.

That’s where our partnership approach comes into play. Since we began – almost 35 years ago – we’ve always understood the importance of nurturing close relationships with our clients. We take time to listen and understand, and if necessary, constructively challenge assumptions about your business to make sure nothing is overlooked. This approach, together with a robust, experience-based analysis by our team, provides our clients with a perspective that has real value.

Our communication-style also reflects our commitment to partnership. We’re personal, we’re direct and we’re empathetic. After all, we’ve grown our business over the years and we understand the challenges of your particular journey.

Most importantly, we enjoy working with our clients – they keep us motivated and inspired, and many of them have been with us since we opened our doors. And for that we’re very grateful.