Insights & Perspectives

Insights & Perspectives

5 Top Tips on Balancing a Family and Work Life

Being a working parent is not easy. It is hard not to feel guilty when you are constantly struggling with finding the right balance between your family and work. But if you let go of the guilt, you can find a way to make this balance work. Here are five tips on balancing work and…

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The Password Conundrum – How to Protect Your Personal Data

Coming up with a password is a compromise between security and convenience. Very complex passwords are highly secure but difficult to remember. To make them work, computer users end up in a constant loop of resetting the forgotten passwords or relying on writing them down on Post-its stuck to their desktop monitors. Once a hacker…

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How To Make Performance Management Process Work

The key areas of most company’s current processes that fail to deliver are; managers and staff believing performance management is about filling out forms, doing performance appraisals to employees rather than with them, making it a once a year event, focusing on the past, rather than anticipating problems and focusing on the present or future.…

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Do You Need A Business Continuity Plan?

Running a successful business requires an understanding of how to serve customers, regardless of market conditions. Business continuity plans help companies stay running during natural disasters, economic downturns and bad publicity. While some business owners like to believe that they can quickly come up with a “Plan B” to work through a crisis, the world’s…

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Leadership And Employee Motivation

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.” – Peter Drucker Leadership does not have to be at the highest level of an organisation. It can be a business owner, manager or team leader. All of them are expected to use their skills, knowledge and experience…

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Why Is Ethics In The Workplace So Important?

While businesses focus on profitability and success, it is imperative to train employees to be ethical. Training in ethics helps build a strong team, and foster professionalism amongst employees, thereby increasing work productivity. Work ethics is like invisible employee behaviour – noticeable by its absence. Some workplace ethics include: 1. Punctuality Arriving at work on…

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How to Succeed With Your Next Presentation: 6 Practical Tips

“I’m standing on a stage Of fear and self-doubt It’s a hollow play But they’ll clap anyway…” Arcade Fire. “My body is A Cage” Giving a presentation to clients, co-workers or your boss can be a daunting prospect. The best simile I can think of to describe the initial feeling is that of being on…

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4 Steps To A Strong Personal Brand

Following on from our last personal branding blog, this blog will explain how to maintain your personal brand. You have established your brand and brought it online so here are 4 steps to a sustainable and strong personal brand: Step 1. Manage LinkedIn actively LinkedIn profile is the single most important branding tool online. With…

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Technology in accounting: Cybersecurity

Technology will have a huge impact on accounting in the future. One area of technology that is impacting the development of accounting systems is Cybersecurity. The threats of this development can be seen in the following ways: Loss of a mobile device such as laptop, tablet or phone through carelessness or theft Leaking of sensitive…

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What’s Your Personal Brand?

Everyone has a personal brand, whether you know it or not. Your brand has been formed over time based on your behaviour, treatment of others, appearance, lifestyle, personality, friends and interests, as well as the quality of your work and the things you say. These things combine to create a clear perception of you by…

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