Insights & Perspectives

Insights & Perspectives

“Leadership is a behavior, not a position or a title.”

The above quote has been around in one form or another. I fell upon this quote again recently and it made me think how relevant it is in these current times of crisis, and that the time for any leader to step up is now. Leadership does not come just from a title or be…

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Up Close and Personal With an Accountant – Meet Brendan Halloran

We’re on a mission to disprove the myth that a typical accountant is boring. So, each week we interview one member of our team and it’s up to you to decide what you think. We hope you’ll realise how fascinating accountants truly are!   We keep our Up Close and Personal With an Accountant Series light-hearted, but…

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15,000 Meetings and Counting

On Friday of last week (18th), Cooney Carey held our strategic away day, where we discussed plans and opportunities in the upcoming 12 months. As a multi-disciplinary professional services firm, we had input from 12 members of our senior management team. It was an extremely productive day and many discussion points arose throughout the day.…

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What are the benefits of offering an internship programme?

Does your company offer an internship programme? Have you considered the benefits of such a programme? I have heard several people say that that an internship programme is beneficial for the intern only, while for the company the time invested in the intern is wasted as the intern returns to college just as they become…

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5 Top Tips On How To Build A Strong Personal Brand

Whether you are an individual, a small company or a large multi-national the same principles for branding apply. You need to stand out from the crowd. Your personal brand is the image you represent to your customers/employer everyday – your reputation. Successful branding sets you apart from your competitors. 5 top tips on how to…

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Pros and Cons of Monetary Incentives

Monetary Incentives (Bonus schemes) are typically used as a mechanism to maximise productivity and efficiency by creating a motivation or goal for employees. Put simply, a monetary bonus can be a simple mechanism to motivate and influence positive employee behaviour (that said, there can also be pitfalls). Below we examine some of the pros and…

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Scam E-mails: How to Protect Your Business against Fraud?

Fraudsters target businesses that work with foreign suppliers or businesses that regularly transfer funds online. How do they get your details? They use what is known as “social engineering” and “computer intrusion” techniques e.g. a worm to compromise real business email accounts and then create unauthorised transfers of funds out of the business bank accounts.…

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BREXIT Implications For Business

It is too early to be sure what the implications will be as, despite the referendum result, Britain has yet to activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Once activated, it will take up to an additional two years to complete the negotiations for exit. There will be a lot of politics going on behind closed…

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6 Top Tips On Getting Ready For Exams

As the exam date approaches, you know how important it is to use your time wisely so that you are in a strong position to pass your exams.  Here are 6 tips to help you get through any exam: List all the key areas that you need to complete in order to fully prepare for…

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How To Select And Hire The Right People?

It’s the people in a company that run it so it’s always important to have the best employees. This is why selection is such an important aspect for companies. It is fundamental to the performance that the people that are employed are competent to fill the role, and enhance the overall performance. The key risks…

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