The Economy

The Economy

Doing Business In Ireland: Tax Incentives

Ireland has earned its reputation as the premier location for foreign direct investment through its continued commitment to maintaining an efficient and competitive tax system within Europe and on a worldwide basis. As mentioned earlier, the cornerstone of this approach has been: the maintenance of the 12.5% rate of corporation tax on trading income; the…

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Doing Business In Ireland: Finance

The availability of finance is often a critical factor when deciding where to locate a business. The Irish financial services sector has a long track record in catering for the needs of both domestic and multinational businesses operating here. Banking The Central Bank of Ireland lists more than 400 credit institutions that are authorised to…

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Doing Business In Ireland: Business Structures

Trading entities in Ireland are most commonly formed under one of the following business structures: 1. Companies 2. Partnerships 3. Branches 4. Investments funds Before any person, company or organisation establishes a base of operations in Ireland, they should

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Doing Business In Ireland: Business Environment

Labour market Ireland’s corporation tax rate of 12.5% is often seen as the main factor in foreign multinationals locating in Ireland. However the presence of some of the world’s largest and best-known companies – including Google, eBay, Twitter, HP, Intel and Facebook – is testament to the outstanding highly educated and skilled workforce available in…

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Introduction to Doing Business in Ireland

Ireland is one of the top places in the world to do business. Our highly educated, young, English-speaking workforce, EU membership and favourable corporation tax rate (12.5%) has attracted the attention of many of the world’s top companies across a range of industries. We’re happy to be home to more than half the world’s top…

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Overview of the IBRC Liquidation Process

Hi, The following is an overview of how we see the IBRC liquidation process as this time, the process is changing and specific data in certain respects is hard to come by. The liquidation of IBRC is now coming to a head, the Special Liquidators of IBRC are processing the sale of approximately €22 billion…

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Financial Supports For Business Part 6/6. Access To Credit

6.1 MicroFinance Fund Background: The Government has developed a Microfinance fund aimed at start-up, new or growing enterprises across all sectors. The Microfinance fund will offer €90m in new lending to 5,500 micro enterprises. Support available: Loans of up to €25k are available for commercially viable proposals that do not meet the conventional risk criteria…

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Financial Supports For Business Part 5/6. Leader Development Programme

Background: LEADER is a rural development fund which has been operating in Ireland since 1991 and is part funded by the EU. There are currently 36 local action groups (LAGs) administering over €80m per year across the whole of rural Ireland. Support available: Advice, training, mentoring and encouragement from people who know the challenges associated…

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Financial Supports For Business Part 4/6. Intertrade Ireland

InterTrade Ireland supports SMEs across the island to develop North/South trade and business development opportunities for the mutual benefit of both economies. 4.1 Acumen Programme – Recruitment Background: InterTrade Ireland’s Acumen Programme is a cross-border business development programme designed to stimulate cross-border sales. Support available: Funding is provided to companies seeking to expand their markets…

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Financial Supports For Business Part 3/6. Udaras na Gaeltachta

Údarás na Gaeltachta provides assistance by way of either capital or employment grants to enterprises seeking aid for an initial investment. It may also provide grants for job creation linked to an initial investment for projects in the Gaeltacht. 3.1 Capital Grants Background: Capital grant are available to enterprises seeking aid for an initial investment…

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