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Business & Leadership

15,000 Meetings and Counting

On Friday of last week (18th), Cooney Carey held our strategic away day, where we discussed plans and opportunities in the upcoming 12 months. As a multi-disciplinary professional services firm, we had input from 12 members of our senior management team. It was an extremely productive day and many discussion points arose throughout the day.…

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Importance Of A Shareholder’s Agreement

A shareholder’s agreement is a contract between the shareholders of a company. The purpose of it is to outline the procedures to be followed within the company and how the company is to be managed. It can also serve as a means to address issues that might cause shareholder conflict in the future. It is…

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Technology continuing to shape the future of business

You may have seen our blog late last year where we spoke about the future of accounting firms, which was one of the key areas of discussion at our international network conference in Rome. So, it was no surprise to see that in the Spotlight section of February’s Accountancy Ireland (Chartered Accountants monthly publication) there…

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Business cycle: what should you focus on at each stage of your business?

Business is always changing. Your company will go through various stages of the business lifecycle. What you focus on today will change and require different approaches to be successful. Stage 1 – Seed and development The beginning of the business idea. Get advice from as many sources as possible. Review profitability, the market, competitors and…

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What are the benefits of offering an internship programme?

Does your company offer an internship programme? Have you considered the benefits of such a programme? I have heard several people say that that an internship programme is beneficial for the intern only, while for the company the time invested in the intern is wasted as the intern returns to college just as they become…

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Is Conflict Constructive or Destructive?

Conflict is destructive when: Takes attention away from other important activities Undermines morale or self-concept Polarizes people and groups, redoing cooperation Increases or sharpens difference Leads to irresponsible and harmful behaviour, such as fighting and name calling. Conflict is constructive when: Results in clarification of important problems and issues Results in solutions to problems Involves…

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Digital marketing and your company (1 of 3)

Digital marketing has become a vital tool for businesses in today’s online environment. What type and when you use it is important to the success of any digital marketing strategy. Do you, or someone on your team have responsibility for this area of your business? Are you Considering your SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy Active…

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6 Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Meetings

Meetings can be either a useful medium of communication, where relationships and understandings can be strengthened or a drag on time and costs. The following tips may be helpful in ensuring meetings remain relevant and useful. Agenda Break the meeting into relevant sections and give a time limit to each section, a time allocation should…

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How To Manage Your Finances? Try Cooney Carey App

Ever wanted to know:- – how much is in my current a/c, – how much is my mortgage, – what is due on my credit card, – what do I spend all my money on, – what life insurance do I have, – what are the contact names and numbers for my bankers, insurance etc.?…

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