Make it a partnership
and build an empire.

Make it a partnership
and build an empire.

Great Partner

What does a great partner Accountancy firm look like? At Cooney Carey we’ve got a fair idea. And our clients seem to agree. When it comes to a genuine partnership, here’s what works for us;

Quality and consistency of relationship

We assign one person – with experience and authority – to manage the client-relationship. For optimum efficiency and consistency of service, we ensure the client has access to this person at all times, and that they remain unchanged for a reasonable period of time.

Always a client advocate

Each client-manager taps into the firm’s wide-ranging resources in the interests of the client and presents proposals and ideas for the betterment of their business. Keeping the client’s best interests to the fore, our tenacious client-managers will find resolutions to the most challenging issues in order to help their clients succeed.

Knowledge and understanding

We make it our business to know all we can about our client’s business, their business sector and its current and likely future dynamics. That way, we’re rarely surprised by any sudden changes or events. We’re good listeners too – it’s how we learn about the issues, challenges and opportunities they’re facing.

Excellence in execution

We’re great believers in simplifying and streamlining. From the outset, with our clients, we aim for clarity – both in what they want from us, and any information we need from them. We’re responsive, we’re nimble and we work to clear and realistic timetables.


We’re in the business of providing real value to all our clients. We’re committed to going the extra mile and exceeding client- expectations in everything we do. We offer the professionalism and expertise of a “Big Four” firm, coupled with a level of personal engagement and empathy that is unique to Cooney Carey. It’s the complete package.