CRO Announcement – New PPS Number Requirement

The Companies Registration Office (CRO) have announced that from 23 April 2023 onwards, company directors will be required to provide their PPS numbers (PPSN) when filing statutory forms relating to the incorporation of a company, changing directors and filing an annual return. The PPS numbers will be used by the CRO to verify the identity of each company director. 

 Verification with the Department of Enterprise and Social Protection (DEASP)

The CRO will verify the name, date of birth and PPS number submitted with data held on the PPS number database of the Department of Enterprise and Social Protection (DEASP). When a director’s name on the annual return does not match that on their DEASP record, the annual return submission will be rejected. Companies will need to ensure that each director’s name registered with the CRO matches the name registered with the DEASP. The CRO had the right to reject any submission where the name entered on the CRO does not match the name as registered for that PPS number with the DEASP. 

Directors without a PPSN 

If a director does not have a PPSN, a RBO (Register of Beneficial Owners) number can be used as the identification number. Directors that do not hold a PPSN and have been listed as beneficial owners with the RBO would have previously received an RBO number.  If a director does not have a PPSN or RBO number, they will need to complete a Verification of Identity (VIF) form. This form will be available from the CORE Portal shortly. The VIF form must be signed by the director and a notary public if the declaration is made outside the State.  
It should be noted that it is an offense to submit a VIF application where a PPSN exists for a director.  Further information is available at: https://www.cro.ie/en-ie/About-CRO/Whats-New/PPSN-FAQ