Work Safety

The rules and regulations around health and safety in the workplace can be complicated, but they are there for a good reason, too. If one of your employees, or a member of the public get hurt on your premises and it transpires that you have not fully complied with your Health and Safety responsibilities, the consequences can be very serious. Employers should consider the following in relation to Health and Safety Legislation.  

1: The preparation of a General Health and Safety Policy Document:

  • Arrange for an inspection to be carried out to identify areas of non-compliance.
  • Put a framework in place to establish and publicise the company Health and Safety Policy and Procedures for your employees.
  • Identify any special arrangements and/or emergency procedures relation to your workplace.
  • Establish a means for risk assessments to be carried out, recorded and reviewed.
  • Establish a workplace inspection procedure and monitoring audit trail.
  • Good practice to avoid prosecution by enforcing authorities.

2: The preparation of a Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Handbook:

  • Health and Safety General Policy.
  • Organisation structure for the implementation of the Policy.
  • Management Responsibilities and Individual Responsibilities.
  • Keeping Record sheets and Action Logs.
  • Ensuring specific arrangements are catered for.

3: Maintenance of Safety Records:

  • Accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences.
  • Report Forms.
  • Implementation checklists.
  • Accident and investigation reports.
  • Fire procedures reviews.

4: Employee Safety:

  • Provision of training on an annual basis - Informed employees are safer employees.
  • Ensuring employees know their responsibilities too.
  • Fire/emergency procedures.
  • First Aid.