Here’s a Tip to see if you have a good accountant

Step 1 – give them loads of data e.g. 1 bankers box.  Your accountant will be delighted as we love data and we generally put it into a big spreadsheet with loads of complicated formulae.

Step 2 – ask them to review the data and give you their view, to empower you to make a decision.

You will know you have a good accountant if their response is on one page and gives you all the key information you need to make that decision.  The really good accountants will also give you benchmarks based on their experience.

There are many people attributed to this quote:-  “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter”.  Our team in Cooney Carey put in the time, effort and experience to provide concise, relevant and easy to read advise.

We think we are good accountants and thankfully many of our clients and peers agree.

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