Discovering The Truth

Throughout our personal and business lives we are exposed to deception.  Here are a few pointers in getting to the truth.

To tell a lie requires cognitive effort and over-control of behaviours.  The physiological changes that emerge and that the deceptor tries to quell are:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Breath rate
  • Pitch and speed of voice
  • Blood circulation and temperature
  • Muscular freezing/twitching
  • Facial expressions
  • Blinking, closing of eyes and pupil size
  • Sweating

These can also be attributed to nervousness and stress, so how to tell the difference.

The alternate version of the truth being told is generally thought out at the surface level but can unravel as it is drilled into.  The physiological changes as the questioning is deepened can point you to unravelling the deception.

Stage 1 – Seek an explanation and description of the event

Stage 2 – Encourage the account to be expanded….anything else?

Stage 3 – Emotional questioning – how did you feel at the time, what was going through your mind

Stage 4 – Probe various sub-sets of the event

Stage 5 – Play it back – let me see if I understand you

Stage 6 – Specific questioning on weak areas of the story

What questions do you have?

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