Form 46G: When must the Form 46G be filed


Revenue recently updated their manual on the Form 46G. The Form 46G is a return of certain payments (payments for services or copyright) made in the course of business which exceed €6,000 in aggregate in the period covered by the return.

Details required on Form 46G in relation to service provider

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Tax Reference
  • Payments/consideration given
  • Nature of consideration if not money
  • Nature of services/rights provided
  • Whether figures are VAT inclusive/exclusive

Payments not required to be returned on Form 46G

  • Payments aggregating to less then €6,000 in a return period
  • Payments from which income tax has been deducted
  • Payments by a principal contractor registered for Relevant Contracts Tax
  • Payments where goods exceeds 2/3 of the total charge
  • Payments to non-residents
  • Payments for essential services (electricity, gas and telephone)

When must the Form 46G be filed

For individuals and bodies of persons other than companies, a Form 46G is required in respect of payments up to 31 December each year or, if more convenient, up to the date of the accounts prepared for the business. The Form 46G must be returned annually before 31 October following the relevant year. For companies, a Form 46G (Company) must be returned not later than 9 months from the end of the accounting period. Form 46G/Form 46G (Company) must be filed under Self Assessment provisions. The Form 46G should be filed electronically using ROS. Consequences of Non-filing Form 46G A penalty of €3,000 can apply where no return is filed or an incorrect return is filed. Tax clearance and repayments may be withheld. It could lead to a Revenue Audit.

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