Local Property Tax


The revaluation date for Local Property Tax (LPT) is 1 November 2019.

Public Consultation

The Minister for Finance announced a review of LPT IN Spring 2018 to include:
  • Basis for future review as property values change
  • Relationship between property price movements and tax liability
  • How to achieve stability in flow of tax
  • LPT exemptions and deferrals

Issues in relation to LPT

  • Since LPT was introduced in 2013, property values have increased by 75%
  • There is need for more regular reviews of property valuations, tax rates and band structures
  • Should first time buyers in 2013 be still exempt from LPT
  • LPT should be a tax deductible expense for landlords
  • The cities (particularly Dublin) and the countryside property valuations
  • Should deduction be permitted for house mortgages


The 6 year gap in revaluing property is likely to lead to large increases in LPT. This suggests that valuations and tax rates should be reviewed on a more regular basis. There is no justification for not allowing LPT as an expense in calculating taxable rental income.

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