Is Conflict Constructive or Destructive?

Conflict is destructive when:

  • Takes attention away from other important activities
  • Undermines morale or self-concept
  • Polarizes people and groups, redoing cooperation
  • Increases or sharpens difference
  • Leads to irresponsible and harmful behaviour, such as fighting and name calling.

Conflict is constructive when:

  • Results in clarification of important problems and issues
  • Results in solutions to problems
  • Involves people in resolving issues important to them
  • Causes authentic communication
  • Helps release emotion, anxiety and stress
  • Builds cooperation among people through learning more about each other: conflict resolution
  • Helps individuals develop understanding and skills

Conflict resolution

If it is well managed, conflict can have positive outcomes. Mediation is a method to conflict resolution provided by Cooney Carey.

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