Digital marketing and your company (1 of 3)

office-1081807_640 Digital marketing has become a vital tool for businesses in today’s online environment. What type and when you use it is important to the success of any digital marketing strategy. Do you, or someone on your team have responsibility for this area of your business? Are you
  • Considering your SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy
  • Active on social media platforms, if so, which ones
  • Making the most of the opportunities that digital marketing can provide
These are all questions that you company need to ask. Having undertaking several online webinars through our international group Russell Bedford International and attended numerous presentations, most recently a presentation on content marketing for professional services. Over a series of blogs, we will try to highlight the main tips that we took away from these in the hope that they may assist your business as well.

What questions do you have?

We are happy to help. Please post your comment below or call Will Townsend (ACA, BBS (ACC), CMC), an audit partner in Cooney Carey, on 01 677 9000. Alternatively, send him an email: wtowsend@cooneycarey.ie

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