5 Top Things Leaders Do At The Start Of The Year

arm-1284248_640 Let’s take a look at 5 top things successful business leaders will undertake at the start of each year:

1. Take a step back to review the big picture

It is crucial to take a step back and look at the direction your business is going, ask yourself if this is the right direction. Once you are happy with the direction, the next step is to communicate this direction to your team and put in place procedures to ensure they can implement it effectivity.

2. Ensure the culture is correct to retain and motivate your top talent

Leaders must ask themselves challenging questions to ensure they have created the right culture within the organisation – do your team know what is expected of them, do your team have the right tools, equipment and materials to do their work well, are the systems in place allowing your team to perform at their best, do your team know what they are doing well and want needs improving.

3. Ensure they, as a leader, are performer at their peak

Again, leader must ask themselves challenging questions to improve their own performance – do the same issues keep coming up again and again, am I responding with emotion or empathy and analytical consideration, what drives me to act as I do, what motivates me, as a leader.

4. Listen to the feedback being received from your customers and your team

As leader you should listen in an open, responsive and thoughtful fashion, stay calm while you are listening and be as specific as possible when looking for feedback.

5. Reaffirm their commitment to authenticity

This takes courage. Leaders must show their emotional honesty, accept their shortcomings, make mistakes and allow others to see them in their vulnerable moments, talk openly about failures and take accountability for them.

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