10 Situations Where You Will Need A Forensic Accountant

Fingerprints Forensic Accountants use their skills to provide an independent opinion to assist in the settlement of disputes likely to result in court proceedings. As part of our litigation support service, we work closely with client, solicitor and counsel in relation to each case including matrimonial disputes, company valuations, or personal injury cases. We act as expert witnesses in court and provide extensive reports and practical advice appropriate to each case.

10 situations where you will need a Forensic Accountant

1. Divorce and separation 2. Personal injury claims 3. Consequential loss 4. Fraud investigations 5. Commercial disputes 6. Contractual disputes 7. Valuation of businesses 8. Employment disputes 9. Mediation 10. Fraud prevention controls

Skills of our Forensic Accountants

- Ability to review the financial evidence available and give opinion on options - Identify the additional required information - Ability to give initial opinion on case and identify strengths and weaknesses of the evidence - Critique report of expert witness on the other side of case - Ability to work with and add value to legal team - Negotiating wise and workable solutions - Giving evidence and cross-examination in court

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