Choosing the Right Accounting Package for Your Company (Part 4 of 6)

accounting software In previous articles of our blog series on Choosing the Right Accounting Package for Your Company we covered: Part 1 Questions to ask before choosing the package Part 2 Why use an accounting package Part 3 How much are you willing to pay for an accounting package and what type Today we will consider the question:

What features does your business require in an accounting package

Before focusing in on one specific package, you need to consider what your business objectives are: 1.  Are you aiming to grow your business significantly over the next 5 years, are you limiting yourself now, by choosing an accounting package that may not be able to handle the volume of transactions 5 years down the line. 2. What employees within your firm are going to use the new accounting package. What would they like to see built in to the system that could better streamline their workplace productivity 3. What information to you wish to ascertain from the accounting package that would be deemed crucial to the daily/weekly operation of your business. 4. Does your business have unique requirements that an off the shelf accounting package may not be able to handle. Talk to your potential software providers about tailoring add-on packages unique to your business, that would enhance or automate your company’s sales or stock management etc.

What questions do you have?

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