How To Select And Hire The Right People?

7K0A0597 It’s the people in a company that run it so it’s always important to have the best employees. This is why selection is such an important aspect for companies. It is fundamental to the performance that the people that are employed are competent to fill the role, and enhance the overall performance. The key risks associated with the recruitment and selection process are the ability to:
  1. retain good employees,
  2. fit into a culture
  3. have/gain the technical competence required
We manage these risks by recognising, rewarding, reinforcing the right behaviour and developing skills and potential of each employee. The methods we use in the recruitment and selection process are
  1. Interviews – internal and external
  2. Work sample test
  3. Reference
These methods are successful for us because they allow us to gain more insight into the potential employees as a person and differentiate between people with similar qualification and skills. We evaluate the recruitment and selection process to ensure that it is effective through monitoring the workforce, seeking view of applicants and performance management. Recruiting the employees who best match our requirements is key to successfully achieving our goals. Selection must be based on the best fit with the requirements of the job and your company. Effective profiling of both the role and the candidate is essential. “Skills can be taught, but an attitude (the kind we seek) is something that is inherent”. That is why focusing only on whether a person can do a job well is not quite enough. To keep good staff, we must attract and select good raw recruits to train and develop them to be the right people.

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