Dublin Hotel Market: Do We Need More Rooms?

hotel-951594_640 There has been a lot of talk in the media recently regarding the need for additional hotel rooms in Dublin.
  • CSO released visitor numbers for the first nine months of 2015 being up 12.5%
  • Lonely Planet listed Ireland as the 3rd best country to visit in 2016
  • Overseas tourism brings in revenue of €4bn annually
  • Dublin Airport has seen growth of 15% so far this year
  • Transatlantic flights are up 18%
  • Ireland is home to some of the world's largest multi-national businesses
Jones Lang LaSalle produced a recent report on the hotel sector which also had interesting comments.
  • There was three significant new hotels developed and opened in Dublin in the past decade, adding 500 rooms.
  • Their view is that occupancy rates would remain at a healthy 80% even if an additional 3,000 rooms were to come online immediately.
  • Current capacity in Dublin is 18,531 rooms over 147 hotels representing 41,816 beds.
  • New developments and extensions which are confirmed for 2015 and 2016 will add 280 rooms.
  • There are 3,415 new rooms in pipeline, c. 50% of which have planning.
There is no doubt that the strong dollar has improved the figures in recent times and it is likely that the cost of a new hotel development is still more expensive than rescuing an existing hotel from a distressed borrower.  However, it still seems clear that there is a need to expand the current hotel stock to continue to cater to the country's important tourist and travelling corporate industry.

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