5 Top Tips on Balancing a Family and Work Life

brothers-457234_640 Being a working parent is not easy. It is hard not to feel guilty when you are constantly struggling with finding the right balance between your family and work. But if you let go of the guilt, you can find a way to make this balance work. Here are five tips on balancing work and family life to help you out:
  1. Find quality childcare

Here’s where I am lucky as I have the benefit of having my mother care for my kids while I am in work. As not everyone is as lucky as me it’s essential to find childcare you trust. Create a list of criteria that is important to you personally and interview based on this. Also ask your network of friends and family for references.
  1. Be organised

Make mornings easier by getting organised the night before. Lay out the clothes for the next morning, pack the lunches and any necessities you need. Place all bags at the door with your car keys so there is no rush looking for things in the morning. You can also have the next day’s meal prepared so you don’t have to cook when you come home.
  1. Create a family calendar

This is great for listing school events, sports events, birthday parties, etc. Now we can sync it with our smart phones and it lets both parents know what’s happening and when. Such a calendar can also include work meetings etc. for the parents so they know who is available for pick-ups and drop-offs.
  1. Communicate with your employer

Be open and honest with your employer regarding your needs with family arrangements. Present alternative solutions and time arrangements to show how your productivity will not be restricted.
  1. Make time for yourself

This is important and not an easy task for most. This can mean exercising, having lunch with friends once in a while, getting your hair done. Whatever it may be, it is essential. I joined the gym and go 3 times a week for an hour. It is great for distressing but also for planning too. And what works for you? Share with us your top tips.

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