How to Become an Employer of Choice

employer of choice An employer of choice is one who inspires highly talented workers to join them and stay with them. The primary objective of our firm is to create such a high performance workplace.

What is a high performance workplace?

High performance workplace is characterised by its creativity, innovation, flexibility and competitiveness. Workplace: - where people choose to work and give freely of their energies and feel a sense of personal achievement, satisfaction, individual purpose and security, - where there is synergy between personal mission and work challenges, and organisational achievement, - and where the sense of community contributes to overall social cohesion. In simple terms it means that people will choose to work for you and they will choose to dedicate themselves to your success and choose to stay with you, even when they are being approached by recruiters from other employers. The quality of working relationships is vital to a high performance workplace.

How to nurture high quality working relationships?

• Ensure people relate to each other as friends, colleagues, and co-workers, supporting each other, and help to get the job done. • Involve all levels of your team ensuring everyone has a say and participates in decisions that affect the day-to-day operations of the organisation. • Have clear values and communicate them to the team so people can see and understand the overall purpose and behaviour expected in the place of work. • Encourage regular feedback, as it is extremely important to know what people think of each other, their contribution to the success of the firm and their individual performance over time. • Keep your finger on the pulse with regard to employees and their career aspirations. Provide staff at every stage of their career with an access to learning and development opportunities. Ensure staff are able to learn on the job, acquire skills and knowledge from everywhere within the firm and develop a greater understanding of the whole workplace. The quality of the working relationships matters, particularly with respect to key dimensions such as trust, respect, self-worth and recognition. And what are your best practices when it comes to creating a high performance workplace? Please share them with us in the comments.