How Can Non-EEA Nationals Invest and Start a Business in Ireland? Part 3 of 3

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Business Permission

The Business Permission initiative was established by the Irish Government to stimulate commercial investment in Ireland.

Purpose of the programme

Non-EEA Nationals who successfully meet the business permission criteria are entitled to live in Ireland. Business permissions are initially granted for 12 months. The business permission does not include visa status. To qualify applicants must be seeking to invest and establish/engage in a business in Ireland.

Key Requirements for Applicants

The criteria below set out the key requirements successful applicants must fulfil:
  • Demonstrate €300k in funds is available for investment *
  • Create 2 jobs (min) for Irish/Non EEA/Swiss nationals or maintain employment in an existing business *
  • Add to the commercial activity/ competitiveness of Ireland
  • Invest in a viable trade that provides sufficient income/employment to maintain/accommodate immediate family
*Exemptions from the capital & employment criteria are available for artists, writers and crafts people who demonstrate significant expertise in their field.

Application Process

Interested applicants should contact the Business Permission Unit, Immigration Division, Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service. Applicants will be required to provide:
  • A valid passport
  • Applicants registration certificate (if residing in the State)
  • Statement of character from the police authorities of each country the applicant has resided in the past 10 years
  • A business plan endorsed by a firm of accountants/relevant professionals
  • Details of where the business will operate
  • Evidence of applicant’s skills/qualifications
  • References from previous employers
  • Original documents proving funds of €300k are available for investment

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