Companies Act 2014: Additional Disclosure Required

companies act 2014 additional disclosure Since the implementation of the Companies Act 2014 on the 1st June 2015, additional disclosure are now required to be included in abridged accounts for small companies filed in the Companies Registration Office. Directors should be aware that this information will be available for public view in the Companies Registration Office as part of the abridged financial statements filed. The following disclosures are required:
  1. Directors remuneration
  2. Directors loans, quasi-loans, credit transactions and guarantees
  3. Other arrangements and transactions in which the directors have a material interest
  4. Information on related parties
  5. Details of staff numbers
  6. Authorised share capital, allotted share capital and any movements
  7. Any Financial assistance for the for the purchase of the company’s own shares
  8. Accounting policies
  9. Maturity of non-current liabilities and security given in respect of those liabilities
  10. Extent and nature of derivatives not accounted for at fair value and if fair value can be determined
  11. Amount of assets included at an amount in excess of their fair value and the reasons for not making a provision for diminution in value
  12. Provision for deferred tax shown separately from any other provision for tax
  13. Debt included in creditors which are payable otherwise than by instalments and fall due for payment after five years and the amount of instalments which fall due for payment.
  14. Terms of payment and the rate of interest in respect of 13 above
  15. Aggregate amount of debts for which any security has been translated into a functional currency
  16. If not shown of the face of the balance sheet, total debtors falling due within one year, total debtors falling due after one year, total creditors falling due within one year and total creditors falling due after one year.

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