How To Make Performance Management Process Work

performance management The key areas of most company’s current processes that fail to deliver are;
  1. managers and staff believing performance management is about filling out forms,
  2. doing performance appraisals to employees rather than with them,
  3. making it a once a year event, focusing on the past, rather than anticipating problems and focusing on the present or future.
You can improve these areas by implementing a process which will involve everyone in the planning and developing of the process. Once regular performance appraisal becomes part of the company culture, focusing on the future, everyone will benefit from it. The key barriers to the successful implementation are;
  1. the lack of fairness throughout the company,
  2. the lack of regular communication,
  3. different personalities,
  4. and the lack of details.
You can overcome these by ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and equally, organising monthly and quarterly meetings on performance to ensure everyone remembers the goal is to improve performance in the future. The whole company benefits from a good performance management process, so you need to continually evaluate your performance management process to ensure its continued success. In summary, to undertake performance measurement successfully a company must:
  1. Make a commitment to measure performance and get started.
  2. Treat performance measurement as an ongoing process. Performance measurement is an iterative process that progresses but has no end. The company's commitment to performance measurement is a tacit agreement to continually build, change, and improve.
  3. Tailor the process to the company; develop performance measures that complement the company’s culture, mission, vision, and management structure as well as goals and objectives.

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