Leadership And Employee Motivation

director qualification “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.” - Peter Drucker Leadership does not have to be at the highest level of an organisation. It can be a business owner, manager or team leader. All of them are expected to use their skills, knowledge and experience to deliver results through their peers. In general, it is easier to motivate people when the economic outlook for each individual is on an upward trajectory. Luckily, the outlook for Ireland at present is starting to pick up and this has a knock on effect on staff morale and motivation.

Give people more responsibility

So, how do we motivate our employees? Effective leadership can be constructed by creating more leaders. This means giving the people in your organisation the opportunity to develop, learn and grow within their job. Employees respond well to being tasked with responsibility. Employees want to be valued, challenged and given opportunities to develop within the organisational structure. A simple example would be to give employees responsibility for coming up with ways that your company could better communicate with their customers. Employees are often the frontline in terms of dealing with customers on a day to day basis. The subsequent suggestions by the employees can be assessed by management as to whether there is merit in implementing any change to existing procedures. This simple example illustrates how you as a manager or business leader can benefit from this idea generation while your employees feel empowered as a result of the increased responsibility.

Leadership is a teamwork

There are many facets to effective leadership, the important thing to remember is that it can rarely be achieved by one person alone. Involving employees by giving them more responsibility will lead to them feeling valued, motivated and help to reiterate the point that we are all stakeholders within the organisation.

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