Why Is Ethics In The Workplace So Important?

workplace ethics While businesses focus on profitability and success, it is imperative to train employees to be ethical. Training in ethics helps build a strong team, and foster professionalism amongst employees, thereby increasing work productivity. Work ethics is like invisible employee behaviour – noticeable by its absence. Some workplace ethics include:

1. Punctuality

Arriving at work on time, adhering to lunch and breaks on time and being absent only for valid reasons.

2. Responsibility

Utilising work time to complete tasks and deadlines and not for personal work.

3. Professional image

Look presentable and adhere to company dress code.

4. Teamwork

Respect others and work well together. Be a good team player.

5. Attitude

Being pleasant and polite, and take on difficult tasks smilingly. Employees, who have strong ethics in personal and professional life, need little explanation, unlike those employees with whom work ethics is a growing problem. It is essential to communicate ethical values and a code of conduct to employees as you are giving them the authority to take appropriate ethical decision in any given situations.

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