7 Top Tips For Selling Your Business

Selling your business top tips The most popular exit strategy is the sale of a business.

1. Prepare for a sale years in advance

- Maintain a file of your audited / reviewed accounts going back as far as possible. - Maintain a file of legal documents and keep this updated. - Exit at a time of strength, plan your exit in advance.

2. Engage a team of advisors

- Best way to achieve the highest selling price. - Minimise your tax burden, don’t ignore the impact a sale has on income tax. - Ensures necessary agreements and documents are correctly prepared and signed.

3. Research

- Open auction is not always the best option for sale. - Work with advisors to research the most suitable potential buyers. - MBO increasing in numbers of late.

4. Know your price

- Have a reasonable expectation of the price. - Know the market price of your business & research similar recent sales. - Inflated prices can turn off or slow down a sale.

5. Prepare for due diligence

- Consider having your own due diligence review done first. - Disclosed potential negative factors – no surprises save you money and time. - No what information the buyers due diligence advisors will want.

6. Be flexible

- Consider staged payments. - Considered contingent payments. - Consider selling stock or assets buyer does not want.

7. Don’t let time drag

- Work with your advisors. - Meet deadlines set for you. - Ensure strict deadlines are scheduled for the buyer. Plan ahead and get advice to complete the sale of your business successfully.

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