How To Choose An Accountant For Your Business

choose an accountant Finding the accountant that best suits your needs is a vital decision in running a successful business. The following considerations should be reviewed before choosing an accountant: QUALIFICATIONS Check their qualifications. Anyone can currently call themselves an accountant, so make sure who you choose is suitably qualified to carry out the work required. INVESTMENT ADVISOR Is the accountant an authorised investment advisor? This might be important when considering pension and investment advice. EXPERIENCE IN THE INDUSTRY Does the accountant have experience in the industry in which your business operates? AUDIT CERTIFICATE Does your business require a statutory audit? In this case, you will require an accountant who holds an audit certificate to practice. SIZE OF THE PRACTICE Does the size of the accountants practice hold sufficient expertise to cover all the requirements of your business? CULTURE OF THE PRACTICE Does the culture of your business fit with that of the accountants? Some prefer a more relaxed and human approach, whereas others may wish for a more formal or systemised approach. FINAL THOUGHTS A good relationship between your business and your accountant can make both the compliance requirements run more smoothly and the value gained be greater.

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