Don’t Waste Money! Get A Mediator


“The cost of litigation is a deterrent to any but the rich, the courageous and the foolhardy.  Court cases, where one side wins and the other loses, is the nuclear option. It seems to me that this ownership of both the problem and the solution is one of the great attractions of Mediation”  –  Hon Mr Justice Peart

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a facilitative and confidential process in which a Mediator assists parties to a dispute as they attempt, on a voluntary basis, to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

The mediator does not impose a decision nor make any kind of judgment, unlike a Judge or Arbitrator.

A successful mediator of commercial disputes will therefore require a board skill-set that includes strong listening and collaborative skills as well as board day to day experience in commercial problem-solving.

Chartered accountants are such experienced commercial problem-solvers with, in addition, a non-adversarial analytical and professional DNA. Cooney Carey have three qualified mediators within their Team.

What questions about mediation do you have?

Feel free to contact Lisa on +353 (0) 1 677 9000 or by email: info@cooneycarey.ie for a complimentary confidential consultation.

Lisa Byrne is an Audit Manager at Cooney Carey and accredited mediator with The Panel Of Mediators in Ireland. Lisa believes Mediation is a confidential, interest-based, supportive and cost efficient Alternative Dispute Resolution. She also believes that Mediation works in any circumstance where parties have diverging interests that need to be resolved.