What You Need To Know About National Solidarity Bond


1. What is it?

It is a fixed term, fixed rate “savings” product offered by the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) and available for purchase through An Post. On top of zero fees, charges or sales commissions the bonus payments at end of the term are tax free. Two type of Bonds are available; -          National Solidarity Bond - 4 year Term -          National Solidarity Bond - 10 year Term

2. Is it secure?

Investing in National Solidarity Bonds means you save your money directly with the Irish Government. This means the bonds are a direct unconditional obligation of the Irish government. In simple terms this means the bonds rank equally with all other sovereign debt.

3. What sort of returns are available?

Returns of 6% (4 Year Bond) and 30% (10 Year Term) are available. There is no annual payment to the bond holder under the latest issue of the National Solidarity Bond.  However final bonus payments are tax free. The table below illustrates returns based on a €1,000 investment. bond  

4. Is there a minimum or maximum level of investment?

The minimum purchase amount for the 4 Year and 10 Year Bond is €50. The maximum investment per person is €250,000 in the 4 Year and another €250,000 in the 10 Year Bond.

5. Can I cash in the bond early?

Yes, holders are entitled to a partial encashment of their bonds at any time, subject to the 7 day notice period.

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