Home Renovation Incentive Scheme

The 2013 Budget introduced a scheme to incentivise home owners carry out renovation works to their home. The scheme will run from 25 October 2013 until 31 December 2015.

The tax relief is 13.5% of the expenditure incurred. The minimum expenditure is €4,405 (before Vat) and the maximum outlay is €30,000 (before Vat). The taxpayer receives a tax credit of 13.5% of the qualifying expenditure, so the maximum tax credit relief is €4,050.

The qualifying expenditure relates to repairs, renovation or improvement works on the main home by a qualifying contractor and must be expenditure that is subject to 13.5% Vat by the contractor.

The taxpayer must be compliant with Local Property Tax and Household charges to avail of the relief.

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