LPT: Bring Your Local Property Tax And Household Charge Up To Date By 31 March 2014

Revenue have recently advised that will allow individuals a final opportunity to allow them to comply with their local property tax and household charge requirements by the 31st of March.

Where an individual has not paid the 2012 Household charge or the 2013 and 2014 local property tax (LPT) by the 31st of March Revenue have advised that interest and penalties will apply.

If properties have been undervalued for LPT purposes or an LPT exemption has incorrectly been claimed the individual should seek to regularise their affairs by 31 March 2014 to avoid interest and penalties.

Tax payers should note that tax clearance certificates will not be granted where LPT obligations have not been met and a surcharge may also be applied to income tax returns.

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