Revenue Audits and Interventions

In 2013 there were 626,575 Revenue Audits and Interventions. This is a 16.5% increase on the 2012 figure (537,821). The number of Revenue Audits included in the above figures were 8,037 (2013) and 9,066 (2012). The Revenue, apart from keeping an eye on any unusual items (e.g. large or unusual expenses claims, low profit margins etc.) are concentrating on 3 national projects as set out below:- 1. Shadow Economy Project covers cash business, white collar cash, construction, landlords, security, solid fuel, couriers, jewellers, scrap metal,nursing homes and garages 2. National Contractors Project which mainly covers small service companies with one or two individuals, where on examination the Revenue have found significant overclaims in respect of expenses 3. Employees being treated as contractors and PAYE/PRS/USC not being correctly operated

The bottom line

With so many Revenue Revenue Audits and Interventions going on there is a high likelihood that the Revenue may come knocking on your door.

How can we help

We can carry out pre-Revenue Audit inspections of your business records and alert you to any matters which might cause difficulties with the Revenue. You may contact our tax department: Gerry Higgins (FCCA, AITI, B. Comm) , John Comerford (AITI) or Eamonn Madden (B.Comm. Associate Irish Taxation Institute) on +353 (0)1 677 9000 or by email with a view to meeting to discuss any taxation issues.

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