Claim that Company Can Survive as Going Concern Not a Defence to Winding-Up Petition

The High Court has granted a creditor’s petition to wind-up a company, even though they claim that the company could survive as a “going concern” following a restructuring.

The winding-up procedure is not something similar to examinership.

Examinership involves a series of ‘checks and balances’ designed to protect both the company and their creditors.  Petition for examinership must be accompanied by an independent accountant’s report, the purpose of which is to guide the court on the likely prospects of survival of the company.  No similar safeguards exist in the context of the winding-up process.

The judge concluded that a company seeking to resist a winding-up petition cannot ordinarily do so on the ground that, if given breathing space from its creditors, it will have a reasonable prospect of survival as a going concern and will be in a position to discharge the debt of the petitioning creditor.  Any such argument must be advanced by way of an application for examinership rather than by means of a defence to a winding-up petition.

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